my design principles

Controlled Mass

My construction design is based around three basic principles.

First - music in general and analogue reproduction in special is one of the complexest sequence, so that I'm confirmed that only the simple solution can handle the complex. Keep it simple and smart!

Second - to approach this goal I'm following the path of introducing as little mass as needed to control the system but tether the vinyl stored music to the tone arm and finally to your preamp. Of course you could (and many did) add as much mass as possible. But lots of mass will also store lots of energy - unwanted energy generated by the motor !!

Third - as much as I'm an engineer the even more I'm a creative... So all I will design follows principles like golden ratio, ageless appearance, haptics of the used materials and pleasing your eyes (and hopefully your soul).

other projects

there is something more in life than Vinyl - here some aspects describing my background of technical design and style.

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