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One more vote for the vinylista plinth. I am enjoying mine immensely. I've experimented with multiple plinth designs between three different Garrard decks over the years, and I have to say that the Vinylista design is my favorite by far. Strikes a wonderful balance; nothing missing and very musical, for lack of a better description. Does not hurt that there is some isolation inherent to the design, though this may be of less importance if you have solid floors or slab.

The Vinylista looks a lot like the Loricraft design but all I can say is that I didn't quite enjoy the sound of my Loricraft-plinthed 401 project when I had it. I cannot make any sort of objective comparison because this was a long time ago and the configurations are quite different but the Loricraft left me cold and at the time I much preferred the multi-layered CLD approach. With the current project based on the 301 from Classic Turntable in UK (not exactly a 301 anymore really but it's another story) -- which was really started only for nostalgic reasons and because the stars aligned just right -- the result is so engaging that it's now damn near my favorite turntable. I still prefer EMT to anything and everything I have owned and/or heard, including this Garrard, but this Garrard deck with a Vinylista plinth will make a dead man tap his feet (not sure if that's such a great thing but it's what it is, I warned ya). Martin (of fame) is also wonderful to work with.

No affiliation etc. blah blah blah just a very happy customer.
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Hi Martin,

After having disappeared from tracking for 12 days the package suddenly turned up yesterday, having arrived in NZ, and was delivered by 7:30 this morning ... no importation charges which was an additional welcome surprise.

I have unpacked it. Simply fantastic! Paul said about his that he thought it would become a family heirloom; I feel much the same, it is a work of art. Impeccable workmanship and attention to detail and the wood is magnificent.

Tomorrow I will work out the logistics of installing the arm and 401 as it must be done with great care. For tonight I shall just sit and admire it!

Regards and many thanks,

Tony Devitt / New Zealand

And here you could read what Paul also said...: Report at AudioEnz


The 0137L arrived today!!!

It looks tenfold times better than the photos! It exhibits excellent design and workmanship! Very good product! Words cannot fully describe. I am very pleased!

You have created a masterpiece in my book.

I am already thinking about one for a Garrard 301.

Best regards,


And finally, 0104L is a completed project! I'm really loving how it looks and how well the wood matches my Leben phono stage. My camera phone snaps can't capture how beautiful it is. Truly an heirloom I'll be proud to own forever. Thank you again for your excellent work.


Zusätzlich zur vorzüglichen handwerklichen Qualität, welche beiden Zargen, die ich von Ihnen erhalten habe, anzusehen ist, bemerkte ich bei der Wiedergabe von Musik in speziell einer Hinsicht eine deutliche Verbesserung. Die Antriebsgeräusche (Abrollgeräusche des Reibrades, Motorgeräusche) sind - besonders nun beim td 124 mit dem 12" Arm - nicht mehr vernehmbar. Bei manchen Platten (klassische Musik, kleine Besetzung, sehr leise Abschnitte) hörte ich zwar mit der neuen Zarge ein leises Grundgeräusch. Als ich aber dieselbe Stelle Musik mit einem ordentlich restaurierten td 125 nochmals hörte, bemerkte ich, dass dieses leise Grundgeräusch durch das "Schleifen" des Tonabnehmers und nicht durch den Antrieb verursacht wird. Insofern bin ich also auch in dieser Hinsicht (keine hörbare Störung der Musik durch den Antrieb) mit Ihren Zargen sehr zufrieden.

Gert K. / Austria


Superb plinth that surprised me in it's sonic qualities. No noise can be detected using a stethoscope, joining slate as the only other medium I can say that about! Beautifully executed and at a bargain price compared to some of the mega buck offerings available today! Highly recommended. As a bonus, Martin is a gentleman to deal with.

Robin from Robyatt audio

Hi Martin,

the plinth arrived safely a couple of weeks ago, I have been fine tuning the set up since. Very happy with the quality and superb workmanship and the sound quality is fantastic - the transparency has allowed me to fine tune everything (VTA by the mm, bias, tracking weight etc.) like never before.

Love the dynamic but natural presentation. I have experimented with various tonearm spacers including brass, perspex & wood but nothing sounds as good as the Corian, although it needs the arm pillar raised nearly to its limit.

Not sure if you have any recommendations? Thanks again for your service and kind assistance when finalising the design for my installation.

Kind regards, Malcolm

You're bidding on a stunning Vinylista (Germany) plinth for a Garrard 301 turntable in mint condition.

Made in Berlin by Martin Brenner, who, along with compatriot Norbert Gutte of LignoLab, makes the world's finest timber plinths (yes, in my opinion Shindo included), this one is a breathtaking example. Constructed with a heavy frame of solid, oiled Pearwood, it employs a top "plate" of 32mm plywood - internally sandwiching another layer of timber - and is topped with Forbo, an inert (and expensive) industrial laminate.

For those who believe a completely coupled multi-ply, slate, cherrywood etc solid plinth is the the only way to extract Garrard sound at an elite level, think again. Squash ball suspension, adjustable feet and a clever selection of optional shims and felt bars have the Vinylista design functioning at a stratospheric sonic level. I too had been exclusively a devotee of the solid mounting strategy until I heard this plinth.

Loricraft in England have used a similar suspended design but Brenner's meticulous workmanship and material selection have definite and immediate advantages. It results in musical playback that is exacting, exciting and beautifully "weighted", with fine detail and peerless imaging. It's simply about as good a synergistic match as things get for a Garrard 301.

This unit is in pristine condition with no faults anywhere and all parts included. The Pearwood frame is beautifully figured and particularly difficult to come by, with a deep satin lustre even more gorgeous in real life than the photos suggest. The armboard is set up for a 12" SME 3012 but due to the versatile nature of the SME mount, you could adapt almost any 12" arm. Alternatively if you contact Martin you can buy further, slot in boards for any arm you like.

Vinylista plinths are all built to order and can take months to make, depending on timber selection. The current landed cost in Australia is $1200+

Cheers Andrew / 4kimura

Hi Martin,

Thank you for you reply, I hope you had a good holiday with your daughter.

I have been tied up with work for the last couple of weeks so sorry for the late reply.

I am more than happy for you to quote from my email, your plinth deserves all the praise it can get.

I have attached a few photos of my set-up, it looks a bit untidy but sounds wonderful. You are welcome to ad these to your website if you wish.

Please let me know if you do some spacers for the smaller arm-base in the future, i would be very interested.

Kind regards,


Dear Martin,

I wrote to you a few weeks ago, telling you that I was lucky enough to acquire on eBay within 2 weeks before Xmas a used but superb Vinylista Pearwood Zarge adapted for a TD 124 and, in a different auction, a great Thomas Schick 12" tonearm, also second hand, but in pristine condition.

As I wrote you, I had red questionable comments on an Internet chat about the compatibility between your Zarge and the Thorens.

The sonic result is so splendid that I don't resist to send a picture of your beautiful product in its new Parisian home !

Thanks a lot, Martin ! I will take great care of your beauty !


Hallo Martin,

gestern wars soweit. Er lief, umd wie. Mit nem Kondo System ziemlich auf Augenhöhe mit dem Shindo. Ein bischen schlanker aber auch ein klein bischen feiner. Wirklich sehr schön. So gut, daß ein guter Freund ihn mir direkt abkaufen wollte. Nun ja, wir werden sehen. Wenn ich noch einen grease bearing in gutem Zustand zu annehmbarem Preis bekomme, dann brauche ich bestimmt noch mal ne Zarge.

Herzliche Grüße, Andreas

Hi Martin,

What a surprise. Yes, I'm still around and, of course, I have my 301 and 3012 on your beautiful plinth.

You can really tell how excited and happy I was if you re-read my email to you after I had received it. I always thought I was lucky to have come in contact with you and the plinth you made for me. Well, you didn't make it for ME, but you were willing to sell it to me.

You are a good artist (best I know in this field) and a good person to do business with and therefore I felt lucky.

Everybody who sees your plinth (or my plinth) likes it and they infallibly ask me where I got it from and I say to them 'I had an artist make it for me in Germany'. I liked your design, I liked the way you communicated with me, I liked the way you built it and the way you packed and shipped it. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm glad you're still in business as I had not seen you on eBay.

Yours, Hamid

Hallo Martin,

die Zarge ist angekommen :-) Mann,was fur ein Hammerteil haben Sie Mich geschickt. Ich bin wirklich superzufrieden!!!!! Ich muss mich allein noch ein bisschen gewohnen an die abmessungen. Ich glaube ich muss mich mal ein grossere wohnung kaufen ;-) Ich danke mich vielmals fur die sympathische und gute abwicklung und ich verspreche Ihnen dass wenn alles zusammen gebaut ist ich Ihnen ein foto schicke. Ich bin ein gluckliche mensch. Nochmals herzlichen dank, und vielleicht bis ein nächstes mal.


Hallo Martin, die Zarge ist eher ein Möbelstück als eine HiFi Komponente. Ich hatte damals nach einer sehr "charaktervollen" Zarge mit starker Maserung gefragt und genau das habe ich bekommen. Das hatte ich noch nicht mal bei meinem Massivholz Esstisch, der weit teurer war... ;) Bei vielen verschiedenen HiFi Komponeten, die schon den weg zu mir gefunden haben, ist der Garrard in deiner Zarge sicherlich eine der elegantesten und zeitlosesten! Viele Grüße, Klaus

Hi Martin,

See the pictures attached! I am very pleased! Terrific sound and built quality. I also have a garrard 401 with loricraft plint, but that looks less nice and crafted than yours! Packing was also very good. Thanks for all the help.

Cheers Bas

...was für ein tolles Teil bin hin und weg...

Hi Martin,

Ich hab jetzt endlich mein SPU laufen und muss sagen, der Garrard spielt jetzt erschreckend nah an meinem Shindo. Respekt !

LG Andreas

My dear friend, Martin: My deck is on its new plinth. Wow! It's the best of the best! You're the best of the best! You deserve a gold medal for it! It is just beautiful; not only because of the beautiful wild pear but also because of the beautiful construction. It is in every way impressive. The sound is fantastic. It is extremely well isolated. I have hardwood floors but can jump rope next to it and it would still play steady. You should patent your design. I can't be happier with it. Thank you.