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other turntables

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Garrard, Thorens and Technics are the most enquired turntables to get a classic plinth for. But as the plinth is a modular design it could be created a plinth for any common turntable using a template such like Lenco, Denon, Sony, etc. Just ask !

As I 'only' have to create a new CAD-drawing and let my associated cnc-miller cut an existing laminated motor board, a special custom made plinth would be done in between 14 days.

You could choose between three standard dimensions of frames in stock, (L)arge / (S)mall / (XL)large.

General description:
Solid wood frame always made from one piece of selected hardwood with perfectly guided figure around the corners.
Especially developed top plate with perfectly balanced mixture of different materials to achieve the best sonic result from your beloved turntable. (The exact combination of layers will to be choosen in context to the used motor).
Highly refined suspension using a combination of Sorbothane, Delrin, Felt and Stainless Steel - fully adjustable !
Changeable arm slots made of high density and heavy Corian exactly drilled to your specific tone arm.
Or decide to go the universal route and use the new developed Slider, or anything different.

Custom made
Garrard 401

Example of a custom made L-plinth utilizing a 90° turned Garrard 401. To see the final result please look at the gallery.

Custom Made

Bespoke cutom made for a direct drive prototype using a L-plinth.