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The shown motor boards are examples only. Each plinth frame could be combined with any motor, tone arm and colour of the top.

The price include all necessary parts but shipping is extra.

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Padauk 0190-L

Zebrawood 0183-L

Wenge 0189-L

Redgum 0188-L

Wenge 0187-L

french apple tree 0186-S

890 € Details →

french apple tree 0185-S

890 € Details →

Redgum 0184-L

Courbaril 0181-L

Zebra Wood 0179-L

Maple 0178-L

american Walnut 0176-L

890 € RESERVED Details →

Maple 0180-S

780 € Details →

German Oak 0175-S

Blacknut 0174-S

Canadian Maple 0172-L

860 € RESERVED Details →

american Walnut 0171-L

smoked oak 0169-L

smoked oak 0152-S

american Chjerry 0156-XL

1380 € Details →

Mahogany 0155-XL

1280 € Details →

french walnut 0131-L

890 € RESERVED Details →

Maple 0122-XL

1200 € Details →

Maple 0114-L

Pear 0109-L