About Classic

The classical plinth

My main focus is the classical plinth. It is more a beloved piece of furniture than a means to an end.
But also this casing of ageless beauty contains the most refined suspended bearing to support your Garrard, Thorens or Technics to provide real MUSIC.

Only the highest quality of wood fits the criteria for what I produce. The boards I use are old stock, available from farmers, carpenters or sawmills. The quality of the wood and its origin is therefore also reflected in the price.

The frames are always made of one piece of hardwood, so that the grain around the corner is continuous. The frame thickness is 40mm which is stable enough to make a base plate unnecessary, thereby eliminating any resonance.

As a result of continuous research I now offer a mount on POM (Delrin) and Sorbothane in combination with felt and stainless steel spikes. This is a bit tighter and provides lifelong durability. Besides that there could be a traditional mount on squash balls. The decision of which principle to use largely depends on where the plinth will be placed - but I would prefer the new design by wide margin.

For the motor board I offer a sandwich of MPX (Multiplex) with a thin core layer of MDF and a top layer of Forbo furniture linoleum in anthracite, discrete Loricraft-red, Shindo-green or JBL-Blue as standard but any colour from Forbo is available. This gives the player a very fine, yet robust touch. This material is also antistatic. Other finishes like matte film coating or high gloss acrylic are available on special order.


Large plinth - 64x49x11 cm
Small plinth - 56x49x11 cm